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Eli Lilly and Company Reaches Global Settlement Over Testosterone Drug

CHICAGO, Ill. — Eli Lilly and Company reached a global settlement for hundreds of lawsuits over its testosterone replacement therapy drug Axiron. The lawsuits brought against the company cited that those who used Axiron had major medical complications including heart attack, stroke, blood clots, and sudden death. Although the company has reached a settlement, it.. read more →

How To File A Bad Drug Testosterone Lawsuit

Bad drug lawsuits are being filed against testosterone drug makers for injuries and harm caused to men by these supplements.   “Low T,” or low testosterone drugs, are being prescribed and sold to consumer at record numbers. This testosterone supplement market has turned into a billion dollar industry. Despite recent studies that demonstrate that testosterone drugs.. read more →

31 Mar 2014
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Best AndroGel Lawsuit Lawyer

Serious health related injuries and complications caused by dangerous drugs are unfortunately on the rise.  In fact, many low testosterone therapy supplements have been in the news recently due to their possible association with men suffering from heart attacks, strokes, and other serious health risks.  One of the most prominent testosterone replacement therapy linked to.. read more →

11 Feb 2014
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Best Law Firm To File Testosterone Treatment Lawsuit

If you or someone you care about has suffered from a stroke, heart attack, or other serious complication or injury as a result of taking a testosterone treatment, you will want to have the best law firm on your side fighting for you.   Unfortunately, finding the best law firm to file a testosterone treatment lawsuit.. read more →

11 Feb 2014
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No Win No Fee Promise For Testosterone Lawsuits

Our testosterone lawyers are currently accepting cases for patients who have suffered from significant injuries and complications from testosterone supplements.  Patients who suffered a stroke, heart attack or other serious injury do have legal rights and may be able to file a testosterone lawsuit seeking damages for pain and suffering, all medical costs incurred to.. read more →

11 Feb 2014
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