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10 Mar 2014

How do I file a Depo-Testosterone lawsuit?

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File a Depo-Testosterone LawsuitThe first step to file a Depo-Testosterone lawsuit is to contact our law office so that we can interview you and begin to gather information about your case. Specifically, there are certain criteria and factors that must be considered to see if you are eligible to file an individual lawsuit or participate in a Depo-Testosterone class action lawsuit. Factors include when you began and stopped taking the testosterone supplement, the medical condition caused by the testosterone replacement therapy, and that nature and severity of the harm caused.

If your situation meets the initial case selection criteria, our attorneys will order, pay for, and review all of your medical records. We will also have them reviewed by board certified-physicians to confirm that your condition was caused by the use of Depo-Testosterone testosterone. Once this is established, we will determine if filing an individual suit or participating in a class action lawsuit is in your best interest.

Our testosterone lawsuit lawyers will make our recommendations to you and leave the choice to you. Once this is determined, we will prepare the necessary legal pleadings and documents and file your Depo-Testosterone lawsuit. Call us today at (866) 280-4722 to get started.

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